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WHALES! (And More)


Trinidad retreat
Beach, BIG trees, Banana slugs,
WHALE of a good time!

On my last weekend as a Redding resident, we indulged in a three-day Trinidad retreat (north coast of California). We rented a gorgeous house with this view from the backyard:

Home Sweet Home

There were delicious home cooked meals with fireplace peep s’mores for dessert. We walked on the beach…


and through the forest. In the picture below, my friends humored me when I suggested they spell “BIG” with their bodies in front of what is known as the “BIG Tree.” Good people ūüôā

BIG tree

We even surfed a fallen giant!




Two whales!
Two whales! (You have to find these ones for yourself ūüėČ )

I literally jumped for joy when I heard from another beach visitor that there were whales within sight of shore. We also saw whales from that beautiful backyard oasis pictured above and that happens to be where these pictures were taken. This was a dream come true, and it inspired the first draft of the haiku for this post:

Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale!
Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale!
Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale! Whale!

I know, a masterpiece!

Not to be outdone by its massive marine mammal competition, the redwood forest banana slugs put on quite a display. This little guy is a mighty muncher!

This one was the funniest of the bunch:

Banana Slug Banana

It was a grand way to end my time as a northern California resident. Thanks friends!


BLM Redding

ending, moving, beginning
a new chapter starts

This is the¬†“excuse for not posting since April” post, and I am obviously cheating with the “ch-ch-ch” but¬†I decided to allow it because my bigger goal was to acknowledge that I officially ended my internship in Redding, moved, and started work in Bakersfield (four plus weeks ago).

My time in Redding was more fun and informative than I ever could have imagined, and I could not be more excited to be working for the BLM in Bakersfield. More adventures, opportunities, and fun await!

Uhauling my way to Bakersfield!
Uhauling my way to Bakersfield!
First day of work card
Best first day of work card EVER.
Making new friends in my new home!
Making new friends in my new home!

New Job!!

Welcome to the BLM Bakersfield!
Welcome to the BLM Bakersfield Field Office!

New city, new job:
Bakersfield Biologist
Excited to start!

I am thrilled to share the news that I have accepted a full-time, permanent position as a Wildlife Biologist for the Bureau of Land Management Bakersfield Field Office in Bakersfield, California. This is a terrific opportunity, and I am excited to begin on May 18.

If I had any doubt (and I don’t), there was a giant sign that told me I was going in the right direction: the¬†BLM Bakersfield office is literally on the corner of Pegasus and Unicorn!!!

The BLM Bakersfield office is literally on the corner of Pegasus and Unicorn!!!
Too good to be true – but it is!

Over the weekend, I went on an apartment search with my wonderful mom who flew out to help. She also served as the “Newest Resident of Bakersfield” photographer, enjoy:

The sign on the Wikipedia page – welcome to Bakersfield!
Bakersfield Trader Joes!
Bakersfield Trader Joe’s!

I think great adventure and learning lay ahead! Thank you to everyone who has helped me to get this far. I look forward to this being only another beginning!