“Some Kinda Wonderful” Weekends

Posting about the weekend on a Wednesday may seem odd, but think of it this way – Wednesday is the breaking point between last weekend and the next, between wishes fulfilled and wishes waiting. I would say it was when we started thinking about the weekend to come, but suspect that would be false since I am pretty sure most people are thinking about the weekend most of the week, at least I am, particularly when they are as good as they have been!

On recent weekends, I have found myself singing the phrase “some kinda wonderful.” I’m happy to share the pictures and very short stories from recent weekend – and a few weekday – escapades, and I wish you all a day, a week, and a weekend that is “some kinda wonderful.” (This is my version of posting pictures to FB.)

On my first Friday back in Greenville, Shari and I went to a Greenville Drive baseball game where my apartment complex had a suite – pretty sweet!

Stretching out Saturday morning at free downtown yoga with one of my new neighbors, Jess. I felt like a bit of a weirdo taking a picture, but someone who saw me pulled her phone out too.
Saturday market in downtown Greenville. I usually am hit by choice paralysis and don’t buy anything, but it is worth a wander.
I rediscovered the wonders of a public library later that weekend. What a magical place!


Visiting the Masterpieces of American Landscapes at the Greenville County Museum of Art within a week of visiting Tate Modern in London offered an unexpected juxtaposition of my tastes in art, a topic I plan to elaborate on more at a later date.
Eating my Harrod’s cupcake a week after returning home. Savored every bite.
Sunday visit to Asheville/Black Mountain – first stop: brunch!
Whoa huevos rancheros!
Second stop: The Chocolate Lounge – drinking chocolate? Yes please!
I’m an improv fan and this is a group that performs in Greenville. On my first trip, I discovered two of my favorite performers from Clemson’s Mock Turtle Soup are now a part of Alchemy Comedy Theater, so I will definitely be going back.
White Water Falls in the background. Me in the foreground. Waiting on my ride to go indulge in some lake time.
After swimming in the lake, chilling on the relaxation station, and eating an amazing chocolate cake, I would say future Dr. Cady Etherege was well celebrated.
The view from my departure from the mountains/lake/Cady’s party. Some kinda wonderful, right?
Look who cooks again! Spinach enchiladas – ate them the whole week! See Carly <3’s Lunch.
Also made time for some nail painting. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
First night out with my good friend Alex (right) who is home from working at summer camp in Colorado! Also pictured, Rob and Chantelle, celebrating Alex’s return with a beer and some live music.
Walking down the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the rain.
Heh, just an amusing picture opportunity.
I bake too! Banana chocolate chip bread – yum!
Sneaky weekday photo – attending a TEDxGreenville Salon, a fun way to encounter new ideas.
The Emerald City Bridge (or Greenville, as someone pointed out to me) – regardless, I love seeing this bridge lit up.
The pool is open at the Bristol!
Pool supplies – never made it around to reading…
A smoothie in my Old Guns Young Ones and Banditos cup by the pool after a 10 mile run, the good things in life. This was a very happy moment. Again, some kinda wonderful, right?
Free live music concert after a crepe potluck? Sure!



Yes! Please do 😉
My sofa bed buddy – Shelly Belly. Awww!
Stage for the comedy “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” at the Warehouse Theatre. An enjoyable afternoon show with Q&A with the actors afterward.

Oh, and did you see Lady Gaga on the VMAs? Because that was pretty much the best weekend capper I could ask for!

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