Misadventures Packing

Welcome to Nebraska!
Welcome to Nebraska!

“Goodbye! Goodbye!” I repeated as we drove over the mountains in North Carolina and into Tennessee. It’s real now: Mom and I are well on the road and headed west! In fact, we are in western Nebraska, and thus, this road trip adventure will be more of a retrospective. You’ll soon read why I am a little behind.

I wish I could say my last three days in Greenville were all bliss, good cheer, and blogging, but that would leave out the part where I was laying on my floor trying to motivate myself to keep packing.

Making a few more GREAT memories before heading west!

I did make some excellent memories as I was packing up to leave: one more trip to Super Taco with available members of the book club; lunch and ice cream with Zebbie, my best friend from high school who I had not seen in several years; lunch and delicious Coolcumber beer with Liz, a great friend and fellow Bandito; a final night out in Greenville with Chantelle and Alex, two of my close friends. I am grateful to have had these happy final notes to mark my time in the Carolinas, but now we come to the beast of the matter: I have so much stuff!

Not even all of it...
Not even all of it…

I like to think of myself as someone who lives without too many things, but the experience of packing my entire apartment has humbled me. I naively thought two boxes and a suitcase would be enough; try six boxes and a suitcase carrying approximately 340 pounds of stuff instead, and don’t forget to add the Tetris packed car. Any delusions about having an empty back seat were soon dashed. It got to the point that the people at the Uhaul packaging store and FedEx recognized me on sight. I also have been suffering with my strained back muscles ever since. My oh my how self perceptions can shatter.

Mom and a mimosa: my cure for packing overload

With the help of my dear mom, I packed the final items into my car and we were off. What’s done is done, or as I said from the car, “Goodbye! Goodbye!”

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