Going Out to California

Happy and excited like a kid with ice cream AND a cupcake!
Happy and excited like a kid with ice cream AND a cupcake!

I am thrilled to announce that I was selected for a year-long fellowship with the Bureau of Land Management in Redding, California through the American Conservation Experience. My year of service starts September 8, and I will be in California before the end of August. I can hardly wait!

Thanks to everyone for the send offs!
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

Although I have known about this move since mid-July, the magnitude of the transition has only recently begun to coalesce. For the last six years, Clemson University has been a constant in my life. Over those years, I developed dozens of relationships, making the university more like a second home and my connections more like a second family. Leaving the support of these associations is a big change, and I am grateful to have had the better part of six weeks to say, “Goodbye for now.” I would like to say a special thanks to all of the individuals who took time to wish me well on my next chapter. I feel a deep gratitude for the kindness shared with me, and I know I will remember these feelings whenever I am lonely in my new home.

As a closing, I would like to answer three common questions I receive when I share my news:

What will you be doing in California?

Hopefully I'll have work pictures like this, except with CA wildlife.
Hopefully I’ll have work pictures like this, except with CA wildlife.

I will be working for the Wildlife Management Biologist, primarily as a field assistant. My work will include surveys of fisheries and wildlife species. I will also have the opportunity to perform basic land management (think mowers, light pesticides, etc.). There will likely be GPS/GIS mapping based on my surveys and also some report writing. I am excited about all of it.

Can I visit?

YES, please do! I will be conveniently located along I-5, which offers access to Sacramento (2.75 hours), San Francisco (3.75), Redwoods National Park (4.5), Lassen Volcanic National Park (1.5), the Oregon border (2.25), and so much more! I’m happy to play travel guide to the area.

How are you moving?

The Mother-Daughter Driving Duo
Mother-Daughter Driving Duo

The Mother-Daughter Road Trip Across America starts Saturday, August 23, and I will be documenting the adventure here. As for stuff: I sold all of my furniture; I made major donations of belongings to Goodwill, a kids program, and friends; and I sent some sentimental items to Delaware to be with my parents. The rest will be shipped in three large boxes or Tetris-packed in my Jetta. I am traveling as light as I can because after a year, who knows where I will go next? You’ll just have to read and find out 😉

If you have a question you would like answered, please post it in the comments section.

If you want a postcard from the Mother-Daughter Road Trip Across America, make sure I have your address before this Saturday.

All my best and Go Tigers!


PS I am posting this on the first day of classes for fall semester at Clemson University – six years ago, I was the one starting!

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